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Exactly What You Need


Black Rabbit Tea has been proudly providing quality products and services. What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide the outstanding experience YOU deserve.
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My tea my rules


No matter what was your experience so far, Black Rabbit teas are here to make a difference. Better or magical, the choice is yours.

We choose our ingredients from people who grow with knowledge and love, therefore we know it's the best we can offer. Our blends are carefully chosen to bring you the relief and joy you deserve because we believe that if we're not thriving we're not living.

Each product is there to raise your sipping adventure to the top! Whether you're at work, at home, in nature, alone or with a bunch of friends, we've got you covered. Mugs, bags, and tea boxes are just gifts of love, but the real magic hides within the leaves. Once you pour the water over them, you'll see the sparkles we're talking about.

Feeling restless? Losing sleep?

Wish for a healthy beverage?

Want better focus?

Need more energy?

Want to push through that workout easier?

Or you just want a nice, calming, and refreshing cup of tea...

We're here for you!

We're true to our creation.

We're true to our vision.

And that is to bring you the most wonderful experience you can have enjoying your cup of tea.


We Put Your Needs First

Customer service


Killer Service

This is the most important part for us. That's why we make a Killer Customer Service you can reach any time you need.

Shopping consultation inquires or just saying 'Hey!'
we're here for you.


Here For You

We want all of our customers to experience SOMETHING  when working with us. All of our services exist to make your life easier and stress-free, whether you order for yourself or you want to surprise somebody.

We love wrapping gifts!


We'll be happy to connect!

Are you an artist ?
Or just a fan of ours ?

Head on and drop us an email about the big idea you have and let's see how we could work together!

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is a great choice for cozy evenings ❤️ 

So delicious and relaxing 👌Highly recommend!

Timberly Williams