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PURPUR Goddess

Under the purple storm, the divine is born.

She's awake & she's magic.

There's a fire burning inside but you won't see the blister,

but experience the spark.

Walking softly through the fields of life

her mind is peaceful & her smile wide.

She knows your pain, she heals your wounds

then off you go, enjoy the bloom.

Painted by royals & scented by Gods,

created to cleanse the energy around your heart.

She's awake & she's magic.

This purple Goddess is pure herbal Lavender tea that will calm your mind & hush all those whispers that you're tired of. Silence... Stillness... Comfort...

Then, she will take you deep into the depth of sleeping land. Restless nights will become history.

But is the PURPUR tea for you?

If you get anxious easily - PURPUR is for you.

If you have trouble sleeping - PURPUR is for you.

If you feel restless - PURPUR is for you.

If you like herbal tea - PURPUR is for you.

If you want strong tea - PURPUR is for you.

If you need refreshment - PURPUR is for you.

If you're just curious about how this magic works - PURPUR is especially for you!

Who is the real Purpur Woman ...

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The 'real' Purpur woman exists...

We are sure there are many in this world, but the one we chose is created by an amazing author

Drina Steinberg. 

Drina was born in Düsseldorf (Germany). Loves candy. In love with early mornings and loud music and in a steady relationship with food. A big fan of comics, especially Dylan Dog. Afraid of maths, losing time, and people who avoid smiling because they’re afraid of wrinkles :) She lives and writes in Serbia.

Her magical Arkona Purpure trilogy about Slavic God & his Goddess inspired us to steal the charming name for our tea.

She is Goddess. And she LOVES lavender tea.

He is God. And he LOVES her.


A Word from Drina...

She drank Lavender tea, perhaps because he prepared it for her every morning, and perhaps because she really loved that tea in the color of her name. And then she fell asleep. 

He went after her and left a story of timeless love behind them. The one that will last even when the world disappears, and when the last spark of the Kolovrat constellation is extinguished. 

Now she woke up. 
With the magic of Black Rabbit Tea, Purpur is back. 
The color of her. 
Her tea. 
His need to paint the day with that little ritual. 

When I started to create the Arkona Universe 10 years ago, I had no idea that someday, my characters and my worlds would be an inspiration to someone, both for small and big life steps and decisions. And then came the quotes, drawings, tattoos, two little Bayles (another character) - because they are 'God given', but above all came the immense love for that purple saga. 
Towards her and him. 
Purpur & Jar.

And just when it seemed that time slowly covered them, letting them live their age alone, Black Rabbit appeared. 
He awakened Purpur with his magic potion and made their lavender tea to be called by her name. 

When I got my first samples of the tea I was amazed, to say the least. It brought tears to my eyes, as expected. Well, when Purpur tea was officially launched and when I read all about Purple Magic, here on their website,  I was speechless! 
I, a woman who can't shut up 24/7 had not been able to think of words to thank Black Rabbit, perhaps not so much for the given honor, but for allowing Purpur, her color, and her story to live on. 

Thank you Black Rabbit & to all of you who read my words!

I'm going to drink lavender tea now... Purpur to become... and who knows, maybe Black Rabbit will wake HIM up, too 😉


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