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  • Lil' Ann... sounds so soft, right?

    Well, this lovely blend will kick you right in the 🤭 MOOD!

    True story. We do not accept feeling down, which is why we make blends that shoot you right to the Stars! (If James Web Telescope catches you somewhere, please tag us in the picture!)


    Aren't you a ⚡️RockStar⚡️or what?! 


    Hang in there, Lil' Ann pineapple tea is coming your way. Get ready to absorb all of its benefits! 


    Here's just a quick overview...

    🍍 High level of vitamin C, K, B, A, Ca... and many others...

    🍍 Anti-inflammatory (enzyme Bromelain helps with sinus infections, asthma, allergies, joint pain....)

    🍍 Great as a pre-workout beverage

    🍍 Reduses the risk of eye desises 

    🍍 Helps in weight loss diets

    🍍 Maintaining bone health


    And how does this make you happy?

    First, we think that a healthy body is the first chapter of the Happiness book. But this pineapple tea contains the amino acid that's actually helping our body produce serotonin, the happy hormone and that is why we burst with joy 🖤 and So Will You.


    At the end you will be left with the feeling Thank you for making me Feel So Good!

    Lil' Ann

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    • 🍍 green tea

      🍍 lemon

      🍍 ginger root

      🍍 pineapple 

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