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  • Moonly is your go-to tea all year long.


    The health benefits of this blend are enormous. 


    But besides the physical effects, this is the tea that will tuck you up in the evening wellness.

    Our suggestion is to serve it in the garden, in the open air, and view to the (night) sky. 

    Whether  it's cold outside or not, it's crucial to prepare the atmosphere for this one! 


    If you're more of a daily tea drinker, try to switch lemonade to Moonly. You won't regret it, we promise!


    Hot or cold, this tea will refresh you inside out!


    But that's not all! 🌛

    In this blend, Moringa is the GOLD we ran for. This herb is so beneficial to the overall immune system, stronger than any other, which is why some call it the 'Tree of Life' or 'Miracle Tree'.




    PriceFrom €4.60
    • 🖤 nettle

      🖤 lemon

      🖤 marshmallow root

      🖤 organic moringa

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