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Every tea has its Story

Find a blend that makes your 🖤 sing because nothing less matters.

Mad Horizon

There's the line that separates us from judging and innocent feeling.

The line between the soul & the body.


Find your Silver line.

Lose yourself in it.

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Devoted Mystic

''Find your melody

& you will set the Heart on fire'' 


This tea is for those who strive for better moments, better now,

and therefore a better future.


''Be the power that lights them up.

Then let them choose if they want to SHINE or BURN.'' 


The beloved blend that took us beyond our imagination...



This purple Goddess is pure herbal Lavender tea that will calm your mind & hush all those whispers that you're tired of.

Silence... Stillness... Comfort...

Then, she'll take you deep into the sleeping land.

Restless nights will become history.

pineapple green tea

Lil' Ann

Sounds so soft, right?

Well, this lovely blend will kick you right in the 🤭 MOOD!

True story. We do not accept feeling down, which is why we make blends that shoot you right to the Stars! 

shinelock spark.png


We looked for a daily blend that will recover the energy, give that mood boost, taste sweetish, and look good.

Hell Yeah, we found it!

The perfect cuppa with all the health benefits that we need. Sparkly. Tasty ... and still Black, just like we like it 🖤


Breathing is a natural impulse.

We all do it. We were all born with it. 
We know how to do it. Nobody taught us this… and that's wrong!!! 
We should start learning breathing techniques in school!

Such an important skill that some people learn later in life,

and some never learn at all...

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