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  • The pack of this blend works on the 
    🔥 energy level
    🔥 mental well-being
    🔥 physical health
    and the main intent is to bring your spirit back to where it belongs, into balance.


    Once achieved, the Melody begins!


    When we find that harmony, we set the heart on fire. 
    This tea is for those who strive for better moments, better now, and therefore a better future.


    Find your frequency & you'll find your way home.


    So, Welcome to the Future!
    Your Future.


    Devoted Mystic is your close companion on your daily missions. Pour a cup in the morning & move through your day filled with nourishing nutrients. 
    Drink this tea regularly, and expect to gain more clarity, more physical energy and certainly more mental capacity. 


    We added the papaya leaf for a reason!
    Besides black tea, this is the gold ingredient in this blend.


    Here's the breakdown of our intent;
    🔥 Black tea gives you energy
    🔥 Papaya leaf (besides physical nutrients) restores your inner harmony
    🔥 Mistletoe calms the nerves
    🔥 Chocolate, well it tells itself, right? It's there to make sure your tea tastes like magic!
    🔥 Sparks, again, are there to make sure your tea looks like magic!



    Let your melody begin!

    ...right here... right now.


    Devoted Mystic

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    • 🔥 Black Ceylon Tea

      🔥 Papaya Leaf

      🔥 Mistletoe

      🔥 Chocolate

      🔥 Glitter


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