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This tea was created from the pure desire to meet woman's needs.
The need for soothing the pain.


Goddess Spike blend has compounds that can help relieve menstrual discomfort by relaxing the muscles and reducing cramps. There's not just magic in this one, but herbal science.


We love to see you glow!
And this is our contribution to your well-being.


There are several main things that Lady's Mantle (the main ingredient in this blend) can do. 


>> Regulating menstrual cycles & relieving discomfort is her biggest power.

>> Supporting reproductive health is the second one.

>> Properties that can help soothe and heal digestive issues.

>Central part of our body is her main seat for healing<

>> Ease inflammation, throughout the whole body.

>> And, she can heal wounds. She has magnificent antiseptic properties that can help kill harmful bacteria.


But the physical is not all that it's there.

But the mystical… the energetic values that this one is bringing…


Please read the Instructions section on how to use it for the best outcome.


Goddess Spike

PriceFrom €4.60
  • 🖤 Corn Silk

    🖤 Lady's Mantle

    🖤 Chamomile

    🖤 Vanilla


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