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Lil' Ann Experience

We opened the door to something new. This is our first fruity blend. 

Pineapple is a combination of many berries grown together to form a fruit.

Just like we need a combination of different things to balance our mood.

Feeling the connection here? 

We are all connected to nature on many levels, we are part of it. Just like the moon affects our physical & mental state, the same way herbs, plants and fruits, and everything else we can find in nature can have some effect on us.

By nature, humans are in a state of joy. It's the perceptions and rules that we pick up along the way that can cause mood imbalances.

Lil' Ann is all about setting you back to the NATURAL frequency.
To the Joy. To the Bliss.

A combination of the ingredients we chose is to set you up in the morning for a beautiful day. Rich in vitamins (high level of vit C, along with the others) is what will fuel your body from early morning, and that itself will have a positive effect on the brain. After that first kick, the substance found in pineapple (bromelain) is the one our body uses to produce serotonin, known as the HAPPY hormone.

Lil' Ann is magic.
Tea that will literally enchant you.
Hot or cold, works both ways!

The pineapple aroma will stay with you all day long.
That sweet, sweet, Sun Bright Yellow JOY.

Once you try it, you will feel its magic.

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