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  • It's made by a simple desire to bring more Sun into our everyday life.


    We looked for a daily blend that will recover the energy, give that mood boost, taste sweetish, and look good. Hell Yeah, we found it!  The perfect cuppa with all the health benefits that we need. Sunny tea blend. Sparkly. Tasty ... and still Black, just like we like it 🖤


    This blend puts our demons back to sleep! 

    It's here to remind us that there are sparkles all around ... always.

    We all deserve to feel great.

    We all deserve that shine in our everyday life. 

    LOCK that SHINE. Don't ever let go!

    Shinelock blend is packed with antioxidants from cocoa and black tea. Drinking it daily will help the immune system work better, as well as brain functions, and eventually will provide bone strength.

    We made some fun with the glitter effect, but this blend is not funny at all. It has all we need to go through our days fully AWAKE & AWARE that our body is filled with all the good stuff. 


    Note that every tea changes its taste during the steep time. For the best taste of Shinelock, steep it between 3-4 minutes ... or play on your own! Find what you like best. Drink it in the morning or during the day. Since it's caffeinated, you may want to skip night sips with this one. For an even better experience, make sure to get a transparent mug, so you can see its shine all the way through.



    The glittery effect is better in loose leaf variation than with tea bags.


    Other than this, ENJOY⚡️ this sparkly experience!


    PriceFrom €4.60
    • 🖤 black Ceylon tea

      🖤 cocoa

      🖤 cinnamon

      🖤 chocolate aroma

      ⚡️ edible glitter

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