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  • No media.

    No bad media.

    Turn to books, turn to music, turn to art... or explore the Web on your terms.


    We are not mad. We just appreciate Horizon.
    Have you ever wondered why that single line takes our breath away?
    A single line... the silver line... between the water and the sky.
    A single line... that's how much we need to thrive.


    This is the time to feed your mind with good stuff!


    Drink this tea while you're listening to music, while you are reading your favorite book or do something that inspires you. It's packed with herbs that wake the Wonderer who lives inside.


    It's time for the new things you want to learn or create your own art.

    Turn off TV. Don't let it take you off your (true) course.

    Many great things happen every day. Your creation can be one of them, if you spend time working on it instead of watching TV.


    Do you have the courage to live your authentic truth?

    Mad Horizon Tea is here to support you on your journey of Reconnecting with your Inner Artist.


    Mad Horizon

    PriceFrom €4.60
    • 🔥 Rosemary

      🔥 Lavender

      🔥 Ginkgo Biloba

      🔥 Ashwagandha


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