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  • Before you dive deeper into this tea, read the full story about our Ikigai Wolf HERE


    This tea is ready to unPACK your 


    🔥 WORTH



    Holding you up in your wildest days as well as holding your hand while roaming in the nights.


    As wolves come in packs, so is this tea set.

    Each ingredient is related to their strength & drive!



    We are not responsible if you become a wolf 😉



    🐺 DAY BLEND:

    Black tea - Because wolves REMEMBER. They have a good memory, and so will you!

    Cinnamon - Their blood pumps FIRE through their veins. And so will your circulation boost.

    Ginger root - STRONG immunity is their main strength. So is yours!

    Clove - Because their prey can't escape their HEATHY teeth. 

    Glitter - Can't escape their GLOWING eyes in the woods. 




    Lemon balm - They need to REST their minds. And so do you!

    Ginger root - Taking care of your body during sleep.

    Lemon - Never enough of vitamin C!

    Valerian root - Deadly sleep. Because it's body rejuvenating, for the wolves & YOU.


    Enjoy in the caress of this pack!


    Be like the Ikigai Wolf:

    KNOW WHAT DRIVES YOU (the 🔥 inside)

    KNOW YOUR PLACE (your unique worth)



    Follow your Passions before Fear.




    • 🐺 DAY BLEND:

      Black Ceylon tea

      Ginger root





      🐺 NIGHT HOWL:

      Lemon Balm 

      Ginger root


      Valerian root

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