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  • We are all a little mad here... which is why we took a wild ride to Wonderland and discovered these amazing cookies for you. We serve them in pairs of two because there's no greater pleasure than enjoying tea cookies with someone.


    Magical moments matter!


    Made of cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger, this sweet aroma will warm your ticking heart reminding you that time doesn't's all just a wonderful dream...and you can dream the way you wish to be...


    Put the kettle on, warm by the fire, and enjoy every sip of your tea and every moment with these delicious bites.




    You may end up Happy!





    • When you order Cookies with other products, the price of the Cookies goes 30% off, per pack!

    (use code #WONDER at the checkout!)

    • If you wish to order larger quantities (1kg or more), please contact us.

    Cookies from Wonderland

    Out of Stock
    • sugar, eggs, flour, butter, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla

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