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  • Wonderers...

    Those hearts that never sleep...Those souls who are always hungry for more adventure, more smiles, more dreams. Daydreamers... 


    We packed this one with a morning Survival Kit, to keep you strong and healthy and CBD Freak for the night, to calm that burning fire so you can rest before another adventure.


    If you know someone who lefts no stone unturned, this is a perfect gift because no present is boring for them. This holiday, bring them what they most wish for - more Joy!


    P.S. If you want to add more items to this gift, send us a message and we'll do our best to make your wish come true! Note that the gift set comes under special pricing and is available only through holidays. 

    Madly Eve Holiday set

    Out of Stock
    • Black Box Survival Kit tea - 12 tea bags, 

      Red Box CBD Freak - 12 bags,

      Cookies from Wonderland - 2 pieces, 


    • Please read our return policy before purchasing.

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