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Find your frequency & you will set the Heart on fire

devoted pattern.png

Born under the veil of music & spread through the sound.

The one that will swirl you into its energy where you will feel Safe, Loved & So Ready to Rock!
This is the BALANCE that we cherish.

You know that feeling when a melody gets into your veins?
Yes, that one.

You know that feeling when your heart beats so strongly? Out of excitement.
Yes, that one.

Or you're familiar with adrenaline that builds up as you're about to jump off a cliff?
Yep, just like that. 

Or just steady, deep breaths of peace & quiet...

These are the moments that we REMEMBER. 
Not in our head, but in our body.

This is the purpose. To follow these frequencies.

And remove all that doesn't belong there.

Devoted Mystic is a blend of a kind.
It's packed with herbs that will call you to RISE.

Will you answer that call?
Will you try to move beyond what you know?

Can you let yourself rise to the sound of drums pounding in your own heart's rhythm?!

Let's see...

Set up the stage & let your heart rock the magic.


              See you on the other side.

Follow the frequency & Find the way home.


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