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Sip your way to delight!


There's no really a better way to explain what are you about to experience with this book.


Simple to make tea beverages that will either Spark your day or make you the most wanted Tea Party host! 


If you're a tea lover (actually, if you enjoy different beverages) then this is a new spark for your collection. We will say no more because you'll see it for yourself.


To be honest, these are the recipes from the private collection that was first made for special Tea parties only. Now, since the Black Rabbit Tea is growing, the decision is to add more magic to it all and share this secret stash of recipes that are nowhere to be found.

Yes, it's a unique collection.


So, what to expect? 

The most enjoyable Tea beverages that you've ever tried.

The whole new perspective on the uses of teas.

And of course, lots of fun!


Preparation is so simple and we're sure that most of the ingredients are easy to find in your local store or you already have them in the house. So, no worries, all you have to bring is good energy. Time is not of a concern, because these refreshments are made in about 15 minutes top.


You won't find pictures of what the beverage looks like, because who really cares?! Be creative on your own and arrange and serve it as you please. But! You will find pictures of how you should feel while drinking it. 


That's how we roll, it's all about how you spark! 
Create those special moments with these sips. 


The book of Most Delicious Tea beverages

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