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Monetizing Your Journey from the SOLLAR PLEXUS! 


Bring the HARMONY into your business by learning what's breaking its BALANCE.


If we are not in the right energy that support our actions, we fall into the trap of 

‘What am I doing wrong?! Why is this not working?’

You probably invested so much time, $$ & energy but it doesn’t feel like things are moving right now.


I know, it feels frustrating.

And what’s even worse, you have no idea if you should keep pushing or give up.

That’s an even worse feeling.

Not just lost, but frustrating.


And it avalanches in every other area of your life…..

Because everything is ENERGY.


I’ve got you in this realm 🖤

You are safe.

Because $OLLAR ENERGY is here! 


We will work on $ Beliefs, $ Mindset & catching all the opportunities that are presenting to you that could be monetized.


$ is a frequency. 

We are going to unblock & clear the way so it can start coming to you effortlessly 💫


Shaking the BELIEFS + rewiring MINDSET + cleaning ENERGY!


Learn to tap into the $ frequency in your unique way.

Your natal chart will reveal the blocks we’ll address & transform.


I teamed up with my great astrologer (and deeper energy worker friend) 

who’s been helping me all these years, whenever I hit a roadblock.

Yes, that happens to everybody. Because we tap out sometimes…


In $ollar Energy, we are bringing the magic for you, together! 💃🏻✨

We line up the shifts that need to be challenged & rewired so you can flow in the state of $ making…



> Free 30 min Discovery call

> 1 hour weekly meetings for one month

> Voxer availability during the rest of the days



> Details about where are your $$ challenges from your natal chart

> Practices that will help you support your $ollar energy 

> Learning to create from the Solar Plexus

> Discounted price for the Align Your Chakras program

> Discounted price for Reiki Sessions

> Support from the two intuitive practitioners who will be there to guide you through this change with their knowledge & experience


This is a one-time payment for one month (4 weeks) working together.
If you desire to continue you will need to purchase again.


€ 409,00Price
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